An organic photo: a skull

Here you see an ‘organic’ photo. I love to take pictures of organic things, not sure why, I think it’s because they have perfections and imperfections at the same time, something like that.

This photo wasn’t made for a client but it’s part of my own work. The difficulty was not the photo itself but it was actually quite difficult to get a real human skull. That took a long time.

I remember when I was a kid there was an antique shop in the city of Eindhoven with skulls in the window display. Well, those days are over and for future artists it will be even more difficult to play with skulls.

This photo was made with a 50mm lens, 1.2 aperture. The aperture of this size creates the beautiful dramatic blurriness (bokeh) and has a strong vignet. A vignet: darker at the edge of the photo.

I used this lens for my Norwegian landscapes a few years ago, for the same reason. It's a very expensive lens but a beautiful tool.

Anyway, enjoy it!

If you like it a lot I can print it for you. You can hang it above your bed or any other appropriate spot. ;-)

Harrie de Fotograaf