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Who is Harrie the Photographer? 

Harrie is: a Dutchman, a citizen del mundo, and a lover of all things colorful. Oh, and one of the 200 best ad photographers worldwide! (According to the 2014-15 edition of Lürzer's Archive.)

Harrie’s interest in photography began at a young age. He still remembers buying his first real camera, a Canon AE-1 Program with a 50 mm 1.4 lens, around the age of 14. Quite an investment at the time. And yet he initially chose to pursue physical therapy, a profession that led him to spend several years living in London and NYC before returning to Amsterdam and, of all things, spending a few years working as a computer programmer and project manager. After quitting his job, Harrie escaped on a 3-month trip to China where he rediscovered his old love for photography. Determined to finally make something of this early passion, he returned to Amsterdam to study at the Fotoacademie, where he went on to teach, and has been working as a professional photographer ever since.

Harrie is a bonafide ad and product photographer, meaning the majority of his work is for commercial purposes. Harrie specifically chose this niche of the photography world because, as he puts it, he enjoys “creating the shot. It’s not like street photography, where you have to ‘find it.’ With product photography, you actually get to create the image. The whole process is so creative. You get to take your time and you have control over everything – especially the light, which is so important. It’s so satisfying to get it just right.” Harrie also: loves a good challenge, enjoys working with a team, appreciates a straightforward style of communication and is definitely a “quality over quantity” kind of guy. 

Harrie is currently based in Amsterdam and Madrid, but is also available for international bookings. Got a project in mind? Go ahead, don’t be shy (a price quote and consultation are always free).



Look familiar? No, this isn’t a picture of Harrie, but it is his work – a thought-provoking image that has gained international attention.
(Original portrait by Platon, UK)

To see Harrie just click on Tsaritsa Putin.