What do you see with Symphony lenses when watching television, computer screens and smartphone

Here you find photos of screens, like your television or smartphone. There is a comparison before and after surgery. Here the effect can be quite strong as well.

You see this when watching television and computer screens

These are also high contrast conditions. What are conditions of high contrast? Usually at night time when it’s dark and when there are ‘lamps’. For examples car lights or candles. But alsothese ‘lamps’ like yes your television or computer monitor and yes unfortunately also your iPad or smartphone.

I’m a big fan of movies, especially science fiction with stars and dark dark skies. Currently when I watch that kind of movie the strong contrasts are gone, every bright white object has a strong halo. Movies get all that soft focus feeling.

On the other hand: I’m getting used to it. So it’s getting less apparent and I don’t regret having my Symfony lenses, I knew it wasn’t going to be a perfect solution but hey I don’t have to wear those horrible glasses anymore and that is such a relief.

So yes I do see al the detail but not the contrast, I can only imagine how it looked before in my mind, in my memory. A clear full moon in a pitch dark sky that’s over, that I won’t see anymore.

Probably your eyes are quite lousy, you only think you have perfect eyes

Here you have a screenshot of an iPhone6. In order to see these screenshots right you should make the size the same as an iPhone6.