What do you see with Symfony lenses during night time or 'high contrasts conditions'

Here you find nighttime photos. There is a comparison before and after surgery. Here the effect can be quite strong.

During night time or 'high contrasts conditions' you see this

At night there are high contrasts and when there are high contrasts it’s a different story of what you see: halos become obvious and can have a strong impact of what you see. So at night it's quite a different story after surgery. This is very close to what I saw with my right eye after surgery and currently, months after the surgery, I still see it like this. 
(Don't crop/zoom in these photos because that's not realistic with what I see.)

The kind of halos

The halos strongly depend on the size of the light. Big lights (like the moon) get a blurry halo.


Tiny small lights (for example tiny back lights of bicycles) get a wonderful circle pattern without rainbows. (I tried to find a Photoshop filter or action that would produce this kind of visual effect but there isn’t one yet. I still have to create this phenomenon)


And sometimes there are more or less radiant glares as well.


In general there is a rule that the smaller the light the more interesting the halo.

Seeing around your lenses


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