This photo of Yellowstone Canyon was taken in September when we were traveling through the 'Wild West' of the USA. I have tons of beautiful pictures of that trip, mainly landscapes. Maybe I should make another book out of it like I did for the coastline of Norway ('What I see') a few years ago.

The photo you see here is Yellowstone Canyon. If you want to see a few more you can click here.

Some business people in Madrid might say 'Ah I've seen this picture before'. That's correct! I have used it in my presentation for the Dutch Business Club Madrid last November.

Also I had my first paid project in Madrid! :-)  I have been taking pictures for a real estate agent in Madrid. She was very pleased with the result and for me it was a lot of fun to do. Fun because a) it was my first assignment and b) there was the wish to add a bit of my 'magic' to it.
That is what I like to do: commercial photography to bring out the sometimes hidden beauty and the same time stay in touch with reality.

Harrie de Fotograaf