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Webshop with Tsaritsa Putin shirts

I've opened a little web shop on Spreadshirt where you can buy t-shirts and stuff with the image Tsaritsa Putin. You can visit the shop here.Tshirt Tsaritsa Putin

I've been in contact with Platon, the photographer that took the original picture of Putin. He's all right with me altering the picture and selling it on t-shirts. On each item sold I'll make 1 euro profit. And all the profit will go to The People's Portfolio (They aspire to create a visual language that breaks barriers, expands dignity, fights discrimination, and enlists the public to support human rights for all.) It's an organization founded by Platon.

One of the 200 Best Ad Photographers Worldwide

200 Best Ad Photographers Worldwide

That's what Lürzers Archive says, every two years the produce a beautiful book with the best photography. They have chosen one of my photos to be in the book. I'm very pleased with this accomplishment, I'm very happy to be part of a book which contains so many beautiful photos.

Also I'm pleased because when I was studying photography they failed me in the end. And now I'm in this book. (December 2013)

Poster of tsaritsa Putin (for Russian see below)

Tsaritsa Putin

To download the high resolution picture of Tsarina Putin in please click here.

Some time ago I created this portrait of Vladimir Putin. He behaves like a king/tyrant. He preaches xenophobia which will lead to murdering.

Also I believe he has a wrong presumption of 'what it is to be manly/masculine’. And so I portray him as a former queen ruling Russia, he definitely behaves like a tsaritsa from the past.

Feel free to use and distribute this portrait. Feel free to use it in any demonstration against him. I’m free to create such a portrait, so that’s what I do.
This file is high resolution. You can use it to print big posters.

This portrait has been around the world. It has been shown on television (every continent). I’m very pleased with that. I created it during Putin’s visit to the Netherlands 8 april 2013.

In memoriam of Anna Politkovskaya and Alexander Litvinenko (among others).

Афиша “Царица Путина”

Чтобы загрузить фото “Царица Путина” с высокой резолюцией нажмите здесь.

Некоторое время назад я создал этот портрет Владимира Путина. Он ведет себя как король /тиран. Он проповедует ксенофобию, что приведeт к убийству.

Кроме того, я верy, что он имеет неправильнoe понятие, “что значит, быть мужественным/мужеподобным”. И поэтому я изображаю его как бывшeй королевы, правящей Россиeй. Действительно, oн ведет себя как бывшая царицa.

Не стесняйтесь использовать и распространять этот портрет. Не стесняйтесь использовать его в любoй демонстрацeй против него. Я свободен создать такой портрет, так это то, что я делаю.

Это файл с высокой резолюцией. Вы можете использовать его для печати большие плакаты.

Этот портрет распространялся по всему миру. Он был показан по телевидению (на всех континентах). Об этом я очень доволен. Я создал его во время визита Путина в Нидерланды 8- ого апреля 2013.

В память Анны Степановны Политковской и Александрa Вальтеровичa Литвинeнко (среди прочих).

The book 'What I see - A Hurtigruten 12 day classic round voyage'

Book 'What I see' about Norwegian coast

This book was made in 2012 and contains an award winning picture (200 Best Ad Photographers Worldwide). The book is about the Norwegian coast, nature, landscape and northern lights. You can buy the book here.

The book 'Het woonhuis van architect Jan de Jong, het interieur - De Bossche School'

Book Jan de Jong Architect

In 2006 I took many photos of the interior of the home of architect Jan de Jong. Some of the photos are now in this book which you can buy here. As a child I grew up in a house like this. The architecture is intriguing, it's all about harmony of space and close to the ideas of architects like Brunelleschi and Vitruvius.


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